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Because you don't have time to agonize over your copy. You have a business to run.

See What Great Copy Can Do For Your Sales. 

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Your Business Can't Afford to Get Lost in the Internet Abyss

And You Didn't Get Into Business To Stay Hidden From The World

You started your business because you saw an opportunity to improve your life, your family’s life, your future kids’ lives, and the lives of a lot of people around you.

You are dead set on doing something amazing with your time here on earth, and absolutely refuse to be mediocre!

Right now, you’re all about growing your impact + influence, and you are showing the world just how unique you are. 

But running an online business is a lot of work.

Every day, you’re on the phone with clients, networking in Facebook groups and on Instagram, recording videos, doing podcast interviews and taking courses your mentors have suggested to help you grow your online business.

Then, there’s administrative work to do- sending proposals and invoices, following up with clients who’ve dropped off, talking to your bookkeeper or assistant to help you get more done. 

And then there’s that next big thing you’ve created that will take your income from great to baller.

And you’re so ready to launch. You’ve recorded your webinars and intro videos. You have your funnel set up, your automations ready…. 

But now you have to write your copy. 

And not only is it going to take forever, but it's also going to *kind of* suck. 

And you know this because last time, you wrote everything yourself. And when you talked to other online entrepreneurs who told you their conversion rates were wayyy higher than the 7% you got last time...

Your mouth dropped and you realized you had to redo it all.

But with everything else going on in your business, you just don’t have the time to write your own landing pages, sales pages, welcome emails, nurture emails, Facebook ads…

It’s so much. It’s daunting. You know it’s gotta get done, but you keep pushing it off.

Which is pushing your launch date back. Making your work days unbearably long.

And sending your income dreams, and your impact goals further, and further away...

STOP! Don't stress.

Because with the right strategy + a great copywriter at your side, these problems just disappear (like that self doubt does when you land an awesome new client and make a bunch of sales!) 

Start Here: About Me

Hi, I'm Kailey B

The Coversion Copywriter behind "Write for Me!"

Start Here: About Me

I write copy for online entrepreneurs that converts your audience + visitors into paying customers

And you're a...

Doctor who's taking your practice and protocols online

Coach launching a new 1:1 or group program

Ecommerce Pro with a signature product

Expert selling a course on setting up new biz systems

Designer with some rad templates that will make everyone's lives easier

Consultant shifting to 100% online  work

Author ready to sell your new book

Who needs help with...

Getting your leads to convert to buyers

Nodding your head? Keep reading.

I'm a conversion copywriter who specializes in:

Landing Pages & Sales Pages

Lead Magnets

Facebook & Google Ads

Ecommerce Websites

Welcome Emails

Nurture Emails 

And anything else that is meant to

drive a sale for your online business

I've been an internet entrepreneur for over 5 years. I've sold

virtual assistant services, built ecommerce stores and online

communities, and written and sold multiple courses and workshops.

I know what it takes to write effective copy that takes your audience

from "no idea who you are" to "can't WAIT to buy" 

And if you landed here I can do this for you, too.

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Start Here: Testimonials
Angel Renee.jpg

"Kailey was able to capture my voice for my website content. I am so grateful to have someone write for me that understands my audience and can translate my wants/needs into written form. Thank you!"

Angel Renee, Women's Health & Wellness Coach


Do You Know Who You're Talking To?

Can you clearly describe your ideal client? If not, you'll be able to soon, because I made a worksheet for you. Put your information in below and I'll send you the questions my clients answer to get super clear on who their ideal client is. So they can stop talking into a canyon and start speaking directly to the people who want what they're selling.

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Kailey Is So Easy To Work With

Raj Patel, Owner- Consulting Condos

"I hired Kailey to write a website for my new consulting business.

Kailey spent time talking to me on the phone throughout the whole project. She really knows how to optimize a website for maximum local exposure using keywords while also writing very professionally and not too salesy, which can be a problem in my industry. After she wrote just one page as a test project, I knew I needed to hire her to write the rest of the website along with my other projects.

I really appreciated how she took her time and did in-depth research of my very unique industry and the business I was developing.  I also liked how easy it was to work with her. She was flexible and understanding, the quality of work was amazing, and she met all deadlines.

I would definitely work with Kailey again."

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Kailey Is My Go-To CopyWriter

Keely Stawicki, Rebel Funnels

In helping Kailey set up the funnel to launch a recent course, I immediately noticed her expertise in writing engaging and interesting sales and email copy.

When she told me that she wrote copy for others I knew she was going to be my go-to lady! She is extremely easy to work with, knows how to find the right keywords to speak to your audience and gets the job done quickly and smoothly.

I like to say that “I can write my own copy, but I don’t like to.” It is such a relief to know that I can hire Kailey for any copy needs whether it be a script for a sales video, long form sales copy, email copy or even ad copy. I will never have to worry about getting copy done for any of my projects ever again.

She is the ultimate time-saver and I recommend her to ANYONE needing copy written!

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Stop losing sales online. 

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